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Tree Help  – This website has information on how to care for trees and shrubs as well as education on the diseases and insects that effect them.

Find your Hardiness Zone:  – This is an interactive website to help discover what hardiness zone you live in.  Enabling you to choose plants that are capable of growing in your area.

Find a Plant:  – This site allows you to explore all different types of plants, trees and shrubs.  See what they look like, when they bloom, what hardiness zone they grow in, and how big they get.

Growing Degree Days:  – This site provides a list of the phenological events as and when they occur, so that better pest management decisions can be made.

OSU Extension office:

Want to see a certain plant in person? – this site allows you to search for where in your area you can go to see a certain plant in a landscape setting.

Is that a weed? – This sight helps you identify what kind of weed is in your landscape bed, how to get rid of it, and if its poisonous.

This site will allow you to set search parameters to find the plant to work in your specific spot.




Happy Home Owner
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the job you and your crew did at our house. Exactly like I had hoped. The grass looks great. The contour of the side your looks like it should move the water away from the landscaping as we hoped.
We are very pleased with the landscaping work you did for us this fall. You asked us what specific things we wanted, made suggestions, and then showed us a plan. The guys did an excellent job planting everything according to the plan. They are always very friendly and very professional in their work.

You have also done an excellent job of keeping the lawn in good shape all year. We appreciate the extra work you personally put into getting the grass to grow in the troubled spots.

We can’t wait for spring to see all the colors and smell the lilacs, Thanks again.
Delhi Township Department of Development Services
To Whom It May Concern:
The Delhi Township Department of Development Services has, since 2007, contracted with Joe Cappel’s Lawn Service for the abatement of nuisance violations. Services rendered include lawn cutting, property clean-up and debris removal. Their services have been provided expeditiously, on schedule, on budget and with the utmost professionalism. Further, we have received compliments on the work they’ve performed.

I hereby recommend Joe Cappel’s Lawn Service to all communities, businesses and individuals seeking services as describe above. Inquiries as to our working relationship with this company are welcomed.

Thank you.
Thomas R. Stahlheber, Director
Department of Development Services

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